Tammy Naze

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What do the different colored strings mean?

The colors help the harpist know where the different notes are placed. The red strings are C's and the blue strings are F's.

Can you play your harp outdoors?
You bet! If it's not too long, my sound equipment, harp and I are portable enough that we can hang out on a patio, deck, golf course, boat, dock, beach or garden, but for obvious reasons we can't be in the open elements if it's raining, misting, gale winds, below freezing, extreme sun exposure or intense heat. My harp and I prefer tents, gazebos, air conditioned/heated banquet halls, umbrellas, cafes. Happy harpist, happy music. ;) 

​How far do you travel?

How much are you willing to pay?  Seriously, I can travel just about anywhere.

Do you make house calls?
Yes I do! If you have a loved one you want to surprise or comfort , call and let's see how we can deliver  a truly unforgettable gift!

Will my guests hear the harp?

Depending on the venue I may not need any sound equipment at all.  If the room has a large enough "live" sound, the harp is simply perfect played acoustic. If not, I provide the necessary equipment according to each event's size and location.  If you need to use an extra mic or speaker, just ask.  I also have battery operated speakers so my harp's volume is portable and adjustable.  

Can you play with other musicians?
Absolutely! Playing for over 25 years in many musical circles provides me with a very selective list of other skilled and professional musicians and vocalists.  This quality control provides clients with the assurance of a great performance from the ensemble.  From male or female vocalists and cantors to violinists, cellists, guitarists, flutists, trumpet players, string trios and quartets, and pianists/organists, I can help steer you in the right direction to fit your style and budget.  If you have a specific theme in mind and desire that perfect feel- I dress the part. 

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